A historyof the future

Supporting the development of Poland for 100 years

Everything we do at Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego is always done with the future in mind. This approach has been with us for 100 years.

This is confirmed by past investments that still serve society and the economy today – successive generations of Poles live in flats built with BGK’s support, ships from all over the world arrive in the port of Gdynia, and Kasprowy Wierch can still be reached by rail.

The concept of profit at BGK cannot be equated with the concept of profit at any other financial institution, because BGK is not an institution that would work for profit. The bank’s profit is the general progress of Poland’s economic life.

gen Roman Górecki - pierwszy prezes BGK

We treat these words of the pre-war BGK president General Roman Górecki as a cornerstone. And it was thanks to the foresight expressed in them that support from BGK began for projects that brought stability to society, jobs and awakened the spirit of development.

Our 100 years are a beacon for us. Today, we are also supporting the sustainable development of Poland and building Polish capital – social, cultural and financial. We are seeking a better future for our children by supporting the development of new, clean technologies. Today and tomorrow, just as years ago, we act with the future in mind.